Monday, November 8, 2010

The Price of Freedom

Every service member’s life is precious and I don’t diminish the death of a single one but let's put US Military Operations into a little perspective and dispel the myth that Afghanistan is another Vietnam or that Presidents (both Rep & Dem) have been militarily adventurous since ground combat troops were pulled out of Vietnam in 1972.

Since 1983 our military has seen action in Grenada (total lost from all causes = 19), Panama (24), The Gulf War (293), Iraq/OIF (3240 Soldiers + 1028 Marines + 102 Sailors + 54 Airmen + 1 Coastie = 4425) and Afghanistan/OEF (951 Soldiers + 273 Marines + 66 Sailors + 68 Airmen = 1358) for a total lost (all causes as of today) of 6119 troops over the past 27 years and five military actions. Those total causalities are less than April 1945 on Okinawa or December 1950 in Korea or even Jan-Apr 1968 in Vietnam (where we were losing 50/day KIA). Traffic accidents alone account for about 40,000 deaths a year in this country while homicides average about 20,000 a year.

If this country can't stomach this level of commitment in exchange for the security of our Homeland, then I have serious concern for our long term liberty. We had more citizens KIA in DC or Baltimore last year than in Afghanistan so should be pull out of those cities also?

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