Saturday, January 7, 2012

Worst Commander-in-Chief, Obama or Santorum?

Now that Santorum might become a real contender, I’m not sure what is worse for the Military, the hatchet job Obama is doing to unquestionably the BEST Armed Forces on the planet or what I fear Santorum would do to us based on his past performance. Remember, Santorum was one of only two Senators to vote against Robert Gates to be the Secretary of Defense – arguably the finest SECDEF we’ve ever had. Regardless, there are other Republican candidates that would be much better on National Defense than Rick.

Not withstanding his campaign trail protestations that he is best qualified to be Commander-in-Chief, I see nothing in his Congressional record to support his claim or any Military expertise except being a “backbencher” on the SASC and he certainly never wore a uniform other than boy scouts! As an Old Soldier, I always look behind the scenes to see what people do that affects the Military rather than their “public pronouncements” when I want to know their true feelings about us.

Although Rick has never donned a uniform in defense of his nation, while in both the House and Senate he supported every military intervention that came down the pike which clearly marks him as a consummate “chicken hawk.” Always ready to send your kids into harms way but not himself or anyone related to him.

Probably the best example of Rick looking out for Soldiers happened back in 1998 when he (and Ted Kennedy) tried to screw disabled and disadvantaged retired enlisted service members by trying to sneak a little-noticed amendment into an unrelated bill requiring the Old Soldiers' and Airmen's Home to sell some of its property to the Catholic University of America and only to Catholic University. In other words, there would be no free market bidding.

The Old Soldiers' Home, as it is called, is where enlisted members can retire and get care if they have no other options and it is funded by a small monthly deduction from enlisted pay. The Department of Defense and Congress have refused to raise the deduction amount but the demand has remained steady thus resulting in a large budget deficit.

The Home rests on many undeveloped acres in Washington, DC, so it was decided that it ought to sell some of its property to the highest bidder, in order to raise funds to continue its worthy work. Its Catholic University neighbor had its own designs on the property but did not feel like paying market price so they approached Santorum and Kennedy who eagerly slipped in the amendment forcing the Home to sell to the university at a price about one-third of the appraised value.

Retired soldiers were outraged when they learned what had happened so held a press conference. Once “outted,” neither Santorum nor Kennedy could defended their attempt to screw Old Soldiers to get Catholic University a steal so they were forced to amend the law.

The right result would have been to open the bidding to everyone and to let the Home take the best offer. Instead, Rick forced a bidding process where Catholic University was given the right of first refusal on any "high" bid which seriously depressed the bidding. In the end, Rick, Ted and Catholic University still screwed the Old Soldiers but not nearly as badly as they wanted to!

If Rick were to ever be elected President, which I must admit is highly unlikely; I expect the Military could look forward to this same type of questionable treatment. This is one Old Soldier that hopes that never happens.


  1. I am a Vietnam Veteran and former Army officer who would like to second the motion on the story of the Old Soldiers' Home being screwed by Santorum. I was the Associate Director for Resource Management at the Home at the time Santorum worked his "magic" for Catholic University. The trust fund that supported these veterans was hemorrhaging money and the land sale would have at least momentarily staunched the bleeding. At the same time the Defense Department promised, and then reneged,(mostly at the behest of the Navy as I recall) on raising the monthly contributions of enlisted soldiers from 50 cents to one dollar to maintain the trust fund for the foreseeable future. Neither Santorum or the SECDEF acted honorably during this dark fiscal period for the Home. An everlasting shame on both of them.

  2. I would like to voice my opinion of Santorum. He is loud moused and using religion to further his goals. I can't see anyone falling for this man. He is very smooth and I would not trust him around the corner.