Saturday, August 18, 2012

When There Is NO Bad News to Report at a Republican Campaign Rally – NBC News Manufactures Some!

I Wouldn't Believe Lester Holt or Anyone on NBC News Under Oath!

On the 17 August 2012 NBC News, Lester Holt led off with coverage of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s appearance at West Springfield (VA) High School and featured a short outburst by a lone heckler. Problem is, the heckler was obviously a NBC News Plant or at least it was prearranged with them or they NEVER could have caught it on camera. I was standing less than 15 feet from that one lone heckler (singular) who let out a 3 second outburst that was inaudible to me at that close range and then he was escorted out of the building. Unless NBC already had their camera and gun mike trained on him, by the time NBC reacted to turn their camera, the event would have been long over. This is shameful but their distorted reporting of the event is in keeping with NBC’s bias coverage.

In the entire 2 hour rally, that 3 second outburst was the ONLY disruption. What they should have reported about was the overflowing racially mixed crowd he was able to attract on one day’s notice and how enthusiastically he was received. This snippet of their newscast reminded me why I don’t get my news from NBC. I like to get facts not agenda!

It appears that when there is nothing derogatory to report at a Republican event, NBC just has to create (or even invent) something. they can't help themselves! If the wild fires out West begin to subside, I wouldn’t put it past NBC to begin lighting fires to keep the story going.

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