Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seems Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III Isn’t “Black Enough” to Suite Some!

Criticism of Robert Griffin III (RGIII) not being “Black enough” by clowns like ESPN’s Rob Parker (ESPN suspends Rob Parker) is just further proof of how disconnected most Americans have gotten from their Military since the Draft ended following Vietnam. Without any understand of Military culture, people have no clue about RGIII’s life experience.  RGIII grew up a Military Brat (a term of endearment) of a Senior Army NCO having been born at Lester Military Hospital on Okinawa, Japan and growing up on various Army posts including Fort Lewis (WA) and finally Fort Hood (TX) where his family finally settled down in Copperas Cove, the “Post Town” supporting what is the Army’s largest post.

Growing up a Military Brat myself, when I was drafted into the Army I considered it just a PCS to another base.  Remaining in the Army 30 years, my kids had the same life experience I did, including going into the service while I was still on active duty so I have some knowledge of this subject.

In the Military culture, it’s your Dad's Rank NOT Race that interests other kids.  As a Senior NCO’s kid growing up in the Military culture, I suspect RGIII rarely experience a race problem – when his father retired after 22 years of service, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was even Black!  Army Brats ALL speak the same using Military Slang, NOT street slang.  Another example of this “Military colorblindness” phenomenon is Tiger Woods who is also often criticized as not being “Black enough.”  Tiger’s father was an Army Lieutenant Colonel.

My point, the US Military has long been a meritocracy on the forefront of equal rights so those who criticize RGIII’s “Lack of Blackness” are simply ignorant of the essence of Military culture and RGIII’s life experience.

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