Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wash-Post Article: double standard in the McMahon-Blumenthal CT Senate Race

Comment on: Democrats gain in poll but GOP still leads as midterm elections near at 10/5/2010 11:32 AM EDT

Can't help but notice the double standard in the McMahon-Blumenthal CT Senate race; it’s the same Dems that vilified President Bush for serving in the Air National Guard during Vietnam that are giving Blumenthal a bye for hiding out in the Marine Corps Reserve during that time? Go Figure!

The main difference between Bush and Blumenthal when it comes to “what did you do in the War, Daddy?” was, Bush didn’t feel the need to lie about actually going to War!

For the record, not a single Marine Reserve unit was activated for that conflict so Blumenthal’s one weekend drill a month was a pretty cushy way to sit out the War.

By comparison, "W" looks like a war hero! For the record, Bush flying antique Air National Guard Convair F-102s was probably in more danger than I was during an extended CIB-earning tour in Vietnam! Also, during his time in the Guard, President Bush spent almost 2 years on active duty.

Granted, both Bush and Blumenthal’s “war records” look pretty good when compared to good old Joe "5-Deferment" Biden. Joe (and Dick Cheney I might add) did everything short of maiming himself to dodge the Draft during Vietnam (which neither he nor Cheney had the guts to do – I guess it's a prerequisite for VP). Of course, Joe did demonstrate a certain Military Expertise by the way he skillfully avoided any brush with armed conflict during his youth which I guess makes him qualified to give his “best Military advice” now to the President on Afghanistan and Iraq.

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