Friday, October 8, 2010

General James Jones Resigns as National Security Advisor


If President Obama is genuinely contemplating a shakeup of his White House, I hope he decides to include at least one Veteran - something sorely lacking in his present line up. With General James Jones’ departure, NO One in the West Wing has ever served in the Military

And who is replacing General Jones? Thomas E. Donilon! Not only is he a Biden political hack totally unqualified for the job but his main claim to fame is he was the Executive Vice President for Law and Policy at Fannie Mae (the federally-chartered mortgage finance company that caused the financial melt down) from 1999 to 2005 where he made millions by supervising Fannie Mae's lobbying against increased regulation. He was accused of painting an unrealistically rosy picture of how the company was doing and of supervising an “aggressive backdoor lobbying campaign … to undermine the credibility of a probe into the firm's accounting irregularities,” according to ABC News. Immediately prior to his appointment to the Obama Administration, Donilon was a partner in the Washington law firm O'Melveny & Myers, where his previous year's income reported by The Wall Street Journal was $3.9 million; his clients included Citigroup, Inc., Goldman, Sachs & Co., and Obama fundraiser Penny Pritzker – dubbed by the NY Times as a “supreme Tax Cheat.” When the NYT calls a Dem a "Tax Cheat," you have to be "World-Class" at it!

In keeping with the practice of his Administration, the President found another consummate Draft Dodger (to keep the Supreme Draft Dodger – VP Joe “5-deferment” Biden - company) to fill the very important White House Chief of Staff position – 64 year old Peter Rouse. Stop listening to the Obama rhetoric of how he loves the Military and look at his actions if you want to know how he really feels about us. I invite everyone to drilled down on the WaPo “Inside the West Wing” graphic to read the detailed bio’s on all Obama appointees.

President Obama makes President Clinton’s abysmal 5% Vets look pretty good but not quite as good as President Bush 41’s 34%. I started to review the resumes for the Cabinet appointees but after looking at about 10% became disgusted and quit. Only in VA, State and Defense did I find any Vets and in places like Justice, several of the appointees were actually hostile to the Military with records of supporting anti-military causes and suing the Department of Defense or the services.

Early on in the Obama Presidency after noticing this trend I called it to the Washington Post's Al Kamen’s attention because he was routinely reporting on the “diversity” of President Obama’s appointees. He was tracking gender, race, business experience and every other category including shoe size but could not be bothered with Veteran status. In an E-Mail exchange when I challenged him on this, he promised he would research it and report on that stat also. Almost 2 years have pasted and Al hasn’t fulfilled his promise! THANKS AL!

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