Sunday, October 23, 2011

Biden Ties President's Washington Post Four Pinocchios with "Absurd Claimes About rising Rape & Murder Rates"

Appears Joe Biden is trying to upstage his boss by at least tying him for the Washington Post (WaPo) Fact Checker Biggest Whopper Award - FOUR PINOCCHIOS!

Does anyone really believe Joe Biden, the quintessential political idiot, is qualified to be Vice President? Every time Joe speaks, I listen with anxious anticipation confident he will commit some “world-class” gaffs to provide comic relief. He is the reason every American should pray each evening for Obama's good health as he will surely go down in history as the dumbest and most inept vice president of all times; by comparison he makes Bachmann appear cerebral, Palin intellectual, and Dan Quayle absolutely brilliant. I suspect Obama keeps him around partly because it makes him look good by comparison.

Hence, true to form Joe has been telling some real whoppers (in the WaPo's words, not mine)in an effort to sell another failed stimulus package and read this Fact Checker for the details. Click on it a couple of time to enlarge it if you're having trouble reading it.

For a fuller picture of how dumb Old Joe “the Gaff-mister” really is, I have posted a compendium of "Dumb Biden-isms” on my Blog so scroll down a bit because some of them are a real hoot.


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