Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pelosi Again WINS FOUR PINOCCHIOS for Lying About Who Increased the National Debt Most - Bush or Obama!

The Truth: GW Bush 5.6%; Obama 24.6% -- The Pelosi Lie: GW Bush 115% ; Obama 16%

Know how you can tell if Nancy Pelosi is lying? Her lips are moving!

You can’t make this stuff up but when the Washington Post Awards House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi FOUR PINOCCHIOS two times in a row, you got to wonder if her nose is actually beginning to grow. This time is was a whopper of such magnitude one has to wonder if she is even capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. I suspect she is just so gullible she believes and posts on her website anything liberal lie organs like MoveOn.Org tells her. Regardless, we should expect more from all elected officials and especially those in the leadership.

To read the full expose as printed in the Sunday/2 Oct 2011 WaPo, double click on the above graphic to enlarge it but here is the Readers Digest version:

A chart was originally created by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office that said: “Who Increased the Debt? President Reagan 189%. President GHW Bush 55%. President Clinton 37%. President GW Bush 115%. President Obama 16%.”

The ONLY PROBLEMS was, the chart is (according to WaPo) “as phony as a three-dollar bill.” Despite the fact PolitiFact exposed it as a lie way back in May (4 months ago) awarding it their worst rating: “pants on fire,” Pelosi shows she has NO sense of shame because she still has links to this chart from her websites. If she is still deluded into thinking it to be correct — she is doubly shameful.

What are the real Numbers – and to be fair, Kudos to President Clinton!
Reagan: plus 14.9 percentage points
GHW Bush: plus 7.1 percentage points
Clinton: down 13.4 percentage points
GW Bush: plus 5.6 percentage points
Obama: plus 24.6 percentage points

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