Monday, August 8, 2011

The Newsweek Bachmann Cover - Are They Trying to Go Out of Business?

Here’s a bit of unsolicited business advice for Newsweek about why it is a dying weekly that probably wasn’t even worth the $1 it recently sold for and why it will probably go under within the next two years. When the biggest story going that WILL SELL copies this week is the S&P Downgrade of the US Credit Rating along with the Stock Market tanking and what is the the best they can do? Put a demeaning Photo of Michele Bachmann and a snarky caption on the cover! Given they already had covers with a Photoshopped Mitt Romney with his head on some kid’s jumping body and the Sarah Palin Runners World cover, one would almost believe they were trying to belittle Republicans. Is Newsweek tone deaf or are they just trying to go out of business on purpose?

When I was retiring from the Army, Newsweek offered me a multi-year subscription that came out to be about a buck and a half ($1.50) a year and it doesn’t run out until April 2013. My wife will not let it in the house so I only flip through it as it moves directly from the mailbox to the trash. I’d cancel my subscription but I feel I’m performing a patriotic service as I’m confident it cost them more to print and mail my copy than I paid for it. Hence, Newsweek losing money on my subscription hastens their demise – and that’s truly a Public Service.

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