Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama's "$500K Bundler Bunch" Get to Attend a State Dinner and Get a Free Meal as an Added Perk!

Below I Blogged about: How to Acquire a Title or Become a “Top Government Official” the “Old Fashion Way” – Buy it from Obama! – But here’s a little late breaking Bundler News. As a Bonus Perquisite for Obama’s 2012 Bundling Crowd, the Prez is throwing in a free meal at a gala event – all at Taxpayer expense.

According to ABC News, 41 Obama cronies who gave the legal maximum and then gather checks from friends and colleagues who did the same up to $500,000+ were among the 364 “guests” at the 14 Mar 12 White House official dinner in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron. This Bundling Bunch is responsible for at least $10.7 million of the roughly $250 million Obama and Democrats have amassed to date for this election. Appears this has become a regular Obama “payoff technique” as he feted other Bundlers at the recent the State Dinner honoring South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Remember, this is an added perk so members of the "Bundler Bunch" are still in line for a plum Government appointment or an ambassadorship.

Here’s the full list of attending “$500K+ Bundling Bunch” members & where they work. You'll notice lots of Wall Streeters, Hollywooders and Lobbyists are included:

Gerald Acker, Huntington Woods, MI – (Goodman Acker PC)
Mark Alderman, Bryn Mawr, PA – (Cozen & O’Connor)
Jean-Phillipe Austin, Miami, FL – (Physician)
Matthew Barzun, Louisville, KY – (Brickpath LLC)
Tom and Andrea Bernstein, New York, NY – (Chelsea Piers Mgmt)
Neil Bluhm, Chicago, IL – (Walton Street Capital)
Wally Brewster, Jr. & Robert Satawake, Chicago, IL – (General Growth Properties/Keller Williams Realty)
Jim Crown, Chicago, IL – (Henry Crown & Co)
John Crumpler, Durham, NC –(Hatteras Venture Architects)
Meredith DeWitt, Harvard, MA – (Political Consultant)
Fred Eychaner, Chicago, IL (Newsweb Corp)
Joseph Falk, Miami, FL – (Akerman, Senterfitt & Eidson)
Rajiv Kumar Fernando, Chicago, IL – (Chopper Trading)
John Frank, Bellevue, WA — (Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft,)
William Freeman, Nashville, TN – (Freeman Webb Co)
Lou Frillman, Seattle, WA – (GVA Marquette Advisors/Financial Designs Ltd)
Anthony Gardner, Washington, DC – (Palamon Captial Partners)
Chad Griffin, Los Angeles, CA – (Chad Griffin Consulting)
Samuel Heins and Stacey Mills, Wayzata, MN – (Heins, Mills & Olson)
Don Hinkle, Tallahassee, FL – (Hinkle & Foran)
Gary Hirshberg, Concord, NH – (Stonyfield Farm)
Barry Karas, Los Angeles, CA – (Perlman & Assoc/Actor)
Janet Keller, Laguna Beach, CA – (Consultant)
Charlie Kireker, Weybridge, VT – (Twin Birches)
Orin Kramer, New York, NY – (Boston Provident)
Mai Lassiter, Los Angeles, CA – (Overbrook Entertainment)
Suzi Levine, Seattle, WA – (Microsoft)
Joe Liemandt, Austin, TX – (Trilogy Enterprises Inc)
James Murray, Keene, VA – (Greenbriar Square Property Management)
Susan Ness, Bethesda, MD – (Susan Ness Strategies)
Michael Monroe Parham, Seattle, WA – (Realnetworks Inc)
Carol Pensky, Washington, DC – (Retired)
Ellen Richman, Greenwich, CT – (Richman Group)
John Scully, San Francisco, CA – (Spo Partners & Co)
Diana Shaw Clark, Washington, DC – (Writer)
Jay Snyder, New York, NY – (HBJ Investments)
Sally Susman, New York, NY – (Pfizer Inc)
John and Sandi Thompson, Woodside, CA – (Fenwick & West)
George Tsunis, Cold Spring Harbor, NY – (Chartwell Hotels)
Harvey Weinstein, New York, NY – (Weinstein Co)
Anna Wintour, New York, NY — (Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Magazine)

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