Saturday, March 17, 2012

HBO's "Game Change" - A Democrat Hit Piece Masquerading as Entertainment and History

“Game Change” – Why can’t the Liberal Press just be honest and call it what it is. A Democrat campaign “hit piece of trash” masquerading as entertainment and history.

Mark Halperin and I have one thing in common, neither of us was behind the scenes of the Republican Campaign so know the “truth.” But basing a made for HBO movie about the 2008 Republican candidates on a book Halperin, a “journalist” that was “outted” as a Democrat partisan by his own memos to his ABC News colleagues, is like basing one on the Obama Administration on Laura Ingraham’s book “The Obama Diaries.” Throw in that it’s produced by Tom Hanks, the guy that narrates Obama’s re-election campaign 17-minute film being shown at campaign events around the country for fundraising and campaign volunteer recruitment, and you get a better picture on how unbiased this piece of trash really is. I wouldn’t believe a word Halperin said even under oath!

Now if you want to talk about DUMB incompetent VP picks, does anyone really believe Joe Biden, the quintessential political idiot, is qualified to be Vice President? Every time Joe speaks, I listen with anxious anticipation confident he will commit some “world-class” gaffs to provide comic relief. He is the reason every American should pray each evening for Obama's good health as he will surely go down in history as the dumbest and most inept vice president of all times; by comparison he makes Bachmann appear cerebral, Palin intellectual, and Dan Quayle absolutely brilliant.

I have posted a compendium of the “gaff-mister’s” Greatest Hit “Dumb Biden-isms” (and there are many) further down on this Blog at:

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